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chicken in fillo
souvlaki dinner
custard desert

WELCOME! “yia sas” as they say in Greek, “to your health!”

“Yiayia” (yi-yah) is Greek for grandmother the matriarch of the family and keeper of the treasured family recipes and cooking methods passed down through the generations from all parts of Greece – especially its villages and islands.

 I’m the Yiayia Maria of my family. Over the years I’ve traveled to Greece and brought back many authentic Greek and Mediterranean recipes.  Become part of my special group of those who love cooking and are always looking for interesting easy to follow recipes that will delight family and friends (and enhance your reputation as a wonderful cook).  Subscribe to my free newsletter and begin receiving brief weekly cooking tips and ideas directly to your email inbox covering topics such as:

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If you like cook books (who doesn’t?) you’ll enjoy “Yiayia’s Favorite Greek Recipes.” It’s a  treasure trove of family recipes handed down through generations from all parts of Greece, its villages and islands.

Author Maria Nicholas (Yiayia Maria) prepared and tested all of the over 100 easy to follow recipes beautifully photographed in full color (as well as interesting pictures from Greece sprinkled throughout the book). These authentic Greek mouth watering recipes include: Appetizers, Breads, Soups & Salads, Seafood, Poultry, Meats, Vegetables, Pasta, Rice, Eggs, Pastries & Sweets. Among the recipes are the universally popular Avgolemono soup (egg-lemon-rice soup), Moussaka (eggplant casserole) and Baklava (honey nut pastry in fillo).

This lay flat spiral bound quality published cook book is complete with easy to follow recipes, color food pictures, cook’s tips, diagrams and glossary.  It makes a wonderful legacy gift for many special occasions. 

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Maria has given food demonstrations on TV and has been recognized by food authorities.


Featured guest on PBS KAET COOKS TV program demonstrating her signature Avgolemona Soup recipe


Culinary consultant for Greek cooking episode on the World at Your Table  on the Fine Living Channel

Top 10 finalist for Samsung Food & Wine Magazine’s Finest Recipes Contest

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I’m looking forward to welcoming you to my cooking family.

Yia sas,

Yiayia Maria